Connected From the StartMy eBook, Connected From the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Classroom, is available in two ways:

PDF version from PLPress

Kindle version from Amazon

In the book I  share my own experience and make the case for connecting our youngest students to the world, using the transformative power of Internet tools and technologies. I also show you how you can make this shift in your own classroom. An excerpt from the book or reviews of the book are also available.

The book includes:

  • Dozens of color photos
  • 10 short videos
  • Hundreds of links to helpful downloads and resources
  • A peek inside my classroom showing practical applications of the concepts in the book
One Best Thing
Student Authored Portfolios: Archiving Learning with iPad


Student Authored Portfolios: Archiving Learning with iPad is a multi-touch book available in iTunes (free).

This book highlights how my primary students archive their work with iPad, a few apps and a blogging tool to create digital portfolios that reflect their learning in all subject areas.

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